20min about art,colours,form and material you've never heard of.
Take your time and focus on your eyes.
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Take your time and focus on your ears...the beauty of sounds and music.
20min of sounds you've never heard of.
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20min about food you've never heard of.
Take your time and focus on your tongue and your mind.
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Mizaru made by @koolmilk
  • ésskizziert 
@kitchenguerilla  @espassiert 
#nograbscher #nodruffis
  • ésskizziert  27.-29.09.19
@kitchenguerilla @espassiert 
#nograbscher #nodruffis
#vernissage #hamburg #éspassiert
  • ésskizziert 
@kitchenguerilla @espassiert  #nograbscher #nodruffis
  • éspassiert FM @soundcloud
#001 by David Lenk 
we will release a monthly musicshow to think, to dance, to love, to be free. produced by different djs, producers, bands - we are open whatever happens. we will take you out for a little journey. 
the opener is DAVID LENK. - a vinyl digger
- dj
- singer
- educator at school 
a lovely person who put a lot of energy in his mix. from king sunny adé to some nice ass world music. 
#espassiert #éspassiert #hamburg #djteam #producerteam #labelwork #mixtape #éspassiertFM #monthlyshow
  • @stimmystim drops his new video for Django !!! full version: link in bio 
"Django" is a synth-heavy trip through relationships in the digital age. the video is inspired by painter Jeremy Geddes’ hyperrealistic cosmonaut series. like the subject’s in geddes’ paintings, Stimulus wanders through monochromatic environments as a heart-broken and abandoned person unable to escape his vulnerability.
the song was produced by Stinhow. the video was shot and edited by Sebastian Bruné.
  • ‘Video Teaser’
tomorrow we will release the video of our project called “S O O N” with @stimmystim 😍😍😍
you will find the link in our bio tomorrow 🤙🏼
#hamburg #videorelease #éspassiert

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